Monday, March 19, 2018
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Aligned's Budget 360

Budget 360 Overview

Budget 360 supports the core mission requirement of producing multi year congressional budgets for all Agencies. Budget 360 provides  for extremely complex and multi year cost build ups and escalations along with, localization, position based costing, and indirect cost applications.
Built on the Microsoft Dynamics XRM/CRM Platform
Sister Module to Procurement360 Acquisition Suite
Built in Full Compliance with the Platform SDK
Leverages Platform and Active Directory Security
Limits visibility and access to authorized users
Hierarchical and team security enabled
Can leverage Existing Applications & Data
Comprised of 5 Major Components
Resource Details
Resource Assignments


Multiple Types:
Internal Employee*
External Employee (MIPR)*
Linked To Positions
Can have multiple cost rates/allocations per budget year
Can have multiple multipliers: Leave, Benefits, Taxes, Fuel, etc.
Assigned to a Division & Department – Visibility Controlled also
Allocated to Budgets – costs follow
Can Be Assigned In Quantities
Can track loaned resources (MIPR)

Resource Allocations

Allocate resources to budgets by division and department
Resources always maintain their home department and divisions
Even if allocated to a budget owned by other divisions.
Allocate loaned resources and easily identify owed costs by budget
Leave or down time hours can be allocated by year (equally spread) or by period (specified for each period)
Resource Costs can be allocated to multiple budgets
MIPR capability at the resource and allocation level
Resource costs can be allocated using multiple cost rates (raises, cost fluctuations, etc.) and periods
Revenue can be calculated by resources, if desired


Assigned to Budget Version (Year), Division and Department
Visibility controlled also
Additional Matrixed Dimensions Available:
Program, Appropriation, Activity
Can Have Revenue (Capital Fund)
Can be Developed Through Distributed or Centralized Approach
Broken Down by Period and Year
Made Up Of:
Resource Allocations
Contractor Resource Allocations
Non-Labor Allocations – Travel, ODC, Non-FTE Sub Costs
Cost-types or Accounts Tracked For All Costs
Working Capital Fund
Lines of Accounting tracked for each assignment
Can be broken down by dimension(s)
Even if Inter-office resources

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