Monday, March 19, 2018
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Professional Servcies Organizations

With hundreds of ERP deployments under our belt deploying solutions from SAP, Oracle, Deltek, Sage and Dynamics, ABS has the knowledge to ensure your implementation is not only successful but that you deployed the right solution for your requirements.
Although there are exceptions to every rule, the table to the right outlines the solutions typically found within the Professional Services industry.  The complexities placed on solutions by project accounting and total cost absorption render many financial management systems unusable for PSO's.  Let ABS help your organization find and deploy the right solution.  

How Profitable is Your Organization?

Which projects are making money; which are losers? How certain can you be? Let ABS show you how to know with certainty. The methodology is called total cost absorption and it involves the allocation of every dime of expense, more...

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If you are interested in replacing you current system, Contact ABS today to perform a needs assessment or begin with a performance assessment to determine if you current financial system is right for you and your future goals.
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