Monday, March 19, 2018
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Why Manage360
Contract management begins after the contract has been awarded, and includes a variety of activities from modifications of delivery orders to invoice review, approval, and final payment. Manage360 is a comprehensive tool designed to improve contract management and ensure responsiveness to customers and best value to taxpayers.
About Manage360

Manage360 improves contract management by offering collaboration tools to government personnel who are designated to administer the contract, and provides them with a 360 view of all related acquisition artifacts to help them achieve a clear and mutual understanding of the contract requirements. Manage360 maintains a complete historical package of each records related artifacts through integrated document control via SharePoint and Outlook Activities (email, tasks, appointments) management ensuring that all information is available when needed for easy access and viewing.

Managers appreciate the real-time dashboard reporting and data analysis needed to needed to stay apprised of workflow issues, and retrieve accurate and timely data. Interactive displays of acquisitions provide views of costs and schedule status, and drills down to task assignments and due dates.

  • Vehicle & Delivery/ Tasks Order support
  • Budget-to-Actual Financial Analytics
  • Government Furnished Resource Management
  • Modification Management
  • Vendor Performance
  • Subcontractor Work Share Verification Management
  • 360o View of Acquisition Artifacts
  • Invoice Review & Approval
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards
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