Monday, March 19, 2018
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Why Plan360

Federal acquisition planning is the cornerstone of an efficient and well executed procurement process. Developing a good acquisition plan requires monitoring and tracking critical information, and includes the coordination of many moving parts. Plan360 allows stakeholders to coordinate the various components of acquisition planning through automation.

About Plan360

Plan360 assists in requirements management to ensure the needs and expectations of the customer are met. Using Plan360’s PALT assignment, Calculation& Task Management feature allows the acquisition process to be closely managed and controlled to reduce costs and lead time.

Using the Requirements Analysis Dashboard, Plan360 provides advance   notification to PMO and Procurement Staff of requirement timing and funding needs well in advance of need dates, ensuring the funding and resources are in place when needed. Plan360 also tracks funding to its original source(s), when funding issues occur. Knowing who is responsible is critical to ensuring immediate action is taken to resolve the issue. 


Plan360’s collaboration feature facilitates coordination among stakeholders involved in the acquisition planning process. This feature allows timely and accurate communications via multiple applications (email, spreadsheets, documents, etc.), document control and a single repository for all acquisition related artifacts.

  • Requirements Management
  • Acquisition Forecasting Capability
  • Budget Tracking Capability
  • Customizable PALT Calculation
  • Automatic Task Assignment & Scheduling
  • Tracks Funding & Multiple Funding Sources
  • Collaboration & Interactive Forecast Dashboard     
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting           
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