Monday, March 19, 2018
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Why Procure360

Procure360 improves efficiency and facilitates collaboration in the federal procurement process. Enabling program managers, contracting professionals, and all stakeholders to improve communication, eliminate the delays often associated with sharing incomplete or inaccurate information, and increase visibility throughout the process

About Procure360

Built on a Microsoft platform, Procure360 provides federal contracting professionals with the tools needed to effectively support the acquisition process from pre-solicitation through the award phase. In addition, users appreciate the familiar and intuitive Microsoft user interface, thus minimizing the cost and need for days of training.

Procure360 maintains a complete historical package of each records related artifacts through integrated document control via SharePoint and Outlook Activities (email, tasks, appointments) management ensuring that all information is available when needed for easy access and viewing.

Procurement360 provides contracting professionals with contractor team and contractor team member performance management tools that supports NAICS code-based visibility into past performance across the organization. Procure360 also provides submission assessment tools that allow for the development of tailored evaluation strategies provide complete visibility into evaluation results.

  • RFP/Solicitation Development Support
  • FAR/DFARS/AMS Compliant
  • CLIN/SLIN & ACRN Support
  • Awards & Funding Management
  • Complete RFP Response Evaluation Capability
  • Work Share Tracking
  • Workflow Enablement
  • System Guided Process Enablement

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