Monday, March 19, 2018
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FAR Guidence and Counseling

Our FAR guidance program is comprised of a comprehensive organizational review and further education into FAR mandates and regulations and includes:

  ·        Assessment of your existing organizational policies and 
           procedures as they relate to FAR compliance and DCAA 
           audit readiness 
  ·        FAR training and improvement recommendations relating 
           to FAR compliance and audit readiness.    
                   Specific FAR sections addressed include: 
                           –Negotiation - FAR Part 15 
                           –Contract Types – FAR Part 16 
                           –Cost Principles - FAR Part 31
                           –Contract Financing - FAR Part 32
                           –Contract Management - FAR Part 42 
                           –Contract Clauses - FAR Part 52 
                           –Forms - FAR Part 53    
  ·        Identification and resolution of FAR issues identified from 
           DCAA and Internal Audits. Examples include Executive 
           Compensation, Allowability of Specific Cost & Contract 
           Clause Interpretation
  ·        Review and Draft (if necessary) specific policies required
           to ensure cost allowablity 
  ·        Terminations for Default and Contract Performance Review
  ·        First Tier Subcontract Reporting Internal Ethics and 
           Compliance Review

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