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Alaskan Native Corporations

As an executive or a board member of an Alaskan Native Corporation the Shareholders are the purpose for our existence.  Deploying the right technologies and solutions for ANC's is more difficult than almost any other organization because in addition to the normal business drivers that must be considered, we must consider several other factors when developing infrastructure:

  •     Impact on Shareholder Dividends
  •     Impact on Shareholder Jobs
  •     Shareholder Training & Educational Impact

This reality makes a normally difficult job, exponentially more difficult.  Add to this the internal and external political realities facing the Alaskan Native Corp.'s today and these become realities that cannot be ignored.  To successfully address these demands takes the best advisory talent available.  It takes Aligned Business Solutions.  In this environment, the right solution for a parent organization or even a subsidiary may not always be the sexiest available today, but it must be the most flexible and powerful in order to adapt to the complexities of a multi-company, multi-industry conglomerate who may need partial or full shared service capability and that still must succeed on a mid-market budget.  This is a very tall order and in many cases sacrifices may be required.  Making the right choices that will protect your organization is the key.

Alaskan Native Corporation ERP Solution Matrix


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