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ERP for Government Contractors

With hundreds of ERP deployments for organizations ranging in size and complexity from Raytheon to startups, and included GCS Premier, Costpoint, Microsoft Dynamics to SAP and Oracle, ABS has the knowledge to ensure your organization maintains compliance and deploys the right solution for your requirements.  Although there are exceptions to every rule, the table to the right outlines the solutions typically found within the Government Contracting industry.  The complexities placed on solutions by FAR mandates render many financial management systems unusable within this space.  If cost plus contracts are in place or are a potential, much care and analysis must go into the selection of a system since the subtleties can mean the difference between compliance and failure when DCAA is involved.
Additionally, thought must be given to the industry being supported by the solution.  For example, construction or manufacturing industry requirements (along with DCMA mandates) will have a significant impact on which systems can be employed.

Government Contractor ERP Solution Matrix


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