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Contractor Purchasing System Review

What is a Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)?          
     A CPSR is the complete evaluation of a contractor’s purchasing of material and services, 
    subcontracting, and subcontract management from development of the requirement through 
    completion of subcontract performance.
Why is a CPSR Performed?  
    To evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness with which the contractor spends Government
     funds and complies with Government policy when purchasing goods and services.
What are the Benefits to An Approved Purchasing System
    •The level of government administrative oversight on prospective contracts is reduced
    •Consent to Subcontract and Advance Notification requirements are no longer issues 
    •Opportunities for future contracts are increased because purchasing system has more
      creditability with customers
    •Bottom Line – More potential revenue & profit dollars
What is involved in a CPSR?
     1.   Conduct Pre-Review Meeting
     2.   Conduct Entrance Conference with Contractor
     3.   Review Policies, Procedures, and Forms
     4.   Review Sample of Purchase Orders and Subcontracts
     5.   Compile and Analyze Statistics
     6.   Interview Other Contractor Personnel
     7.   Final Review of Team Input
     8.   Write Preliminary Observations and Findings
     9.   Informal Exit with Contractors Purchasing Staff
   10.   Discuss Observations/Findings with the ACO
   11.   Formal Exit Conference
   12.   Formal Letter

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